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PIC # 900388436
PIC #900388436
Global Skills Network was founded in 2003 and aims to bring together diverse stakeholders to collaborate
in projects that address complex issues that constitute common challenges to our communities.
Our project partners range from public bodies such as municipalities and Ministries to micro-, small-
and medium-sized enterprises, nonprofit organizations to institutions of both formal and non-formal
*  We are active in workforce preparedness organizing, monitoring and certifying internships
and other work experiences including volunteerism;
*  Our work in education is dedicated toward aligning international education with the needs of
the 21st century workforce in terms of innovation, problem-solving and using ICTs in both formal and
information learning environments.
*  We support programming that embraces EntreComp, the European Commission's framework for
entrepreneurship education and training to prepare entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and extrapreneurs
for success by supporting training, inquiry-based learning and acquiring a growth mindset while creating
linkages with research facilities, idea centers, entrepreneurship ecosystems and innovation clusters that
can provide resources for the business side of entrepreneurship.

Our specialization is in the management of international projects as consortium administrators, ranging
from the conceptualization of programming to proposal writing and budgeting, dissemination and
communications activities, and monitoring of project development. We are deeply committed to effective
collaboration of all partners in a project. Our mantra:
Our Mission:  
Maximize Synergies
To Address Common Challenges
Through Transnational Collaboration

Knowledge Building in Action
Training Courses
Erasmus Actions
Lifelong Learning -
Erasmus+ Specialists for
KA1 in Barcelona and Granada
and KA2 Strategic Partnerships
Entrepreneurship for Young People
Entrepreneurship Eduction & Training
EYE - The E-Incubator
For Young Entrepreneurs
EntreComp Entrepreneurship
Education & Training
This is what we do to support partnerships that transform project ideas to action. Our strength lies in an ability to coalesce
stakeholders around issues of common interest in response to relevant financing sources and open opportunities. Our
17-year history as a consultancy includes training, professional development and entrepreneurship education. Currently,
we focus our work on:
Project and Consortium-Building Strategies
We have embraced the European Commission's framework for entrepreneurship in all its dimension as the foundational
basis for programming around entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and extrapreneurship, with a model that includes
EntreComp, inquiry-based learning, acquiring a growth mindset and open badges for qualification transparency. Our
entrepreneurship education and training model is managed by EntreComp Entrepreneurship Education and Training
When preparing a joint project proposal, our multi-lingual, multidisciplinary staff delves deep in the issues to assure the proposal
addresses a challenge - the WHY - with activities that can overcome a constraint - the causes and effects of a problem. Strategies
highlight the cross-border relevance of the solution being proposed. We are a project's communicators with native-English speakers
charged with keeping a project's partners informed from the beginning of bringing the partners together for planning through the
proposal preparation for submission. We are able to bring together diverse people with a common interest to respond to various
calls issued throughout the year. Our expertise is in:
■ Concept development for defining content and objectives of partnerships;
■ Partner search toward consortium building, process administration and communications
■ Fund sourcing & call monitoring
■ Proposal writing in English
■ Online submissions
Current opportunities for partnerships are outlined on our
RESOURCES page, or click on the fields of interest above.
Knowledge Exchange and Training
Since 2003, we have organized, monitored and certified training programming sponsored by the European Commission's
Lifelong Learning programs, currently through Erasmus+ and previously Leonardo da Vinci and Grundtvig - Erasmus Actions
■ Internships, work experience and volunteerism for young people ages 15-30
■ VETPRO mobility of staff and faculty
■ Trade missions and professional visits for enterprises and entrepreneurs
Our in-country, online, hybrid and customized training courses are designed and managed by Knowledge Building in Action
Entrepreneurship Education and Networking
Does your organization need help entering the field of cross-border programming and international collaboration?
Our team provides the support needed to formulate programming proposals within a wide network of partners,
including public bodies, universities, schools and other formal learning environments, nonprofits and SMEs. Our
expertise in transnational project management helps organizations meet funding compliance in terms of reporting
and dissemination objectives. Our experience and specialization in English content for newsletters, policy briefs,
social media community management and other digital and hard-copy publications is unsurpassed
We have proposed a roadmap that accelerates meeting the SDGs - "the Global Goals" -
by the target date of 2030. One Plan 4 One Planet (
coalesces people around the most serious challenges facing humankind to co-create
solutions through entrepreneurship, dialogue and action.
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Consulting and Communication
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To facilitate optimal collaoration
One Plan 4 One Planet
Accelerating the
United Nations Global Goals for
Sustainable Development
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