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The Global Skills Network was created in response to the growing demand for a competent
and dedicated service provider to design learning exchanges and transnational mobility.
Since 2003, we have partnered in lifelong learning programmes by organising,monitoring
and certifying a wide range of projects - from internships and work experience to training,
VETPRO and cross-border collaboration. We are the premier transnational project
management specialists for Erasmus+ and lifelong learning in Catalonia,
headquartered in the Mediterranean's most vibrant city - Barcelona!

Visit our sister sites for details about our work toward targeted outcomes:
Throughout our our 16+ year history
of partnering in lifelong learning,
twe have forged strong relationships
with businesses, nonprofits and the
public sector in order to customize
work experience programming that
fits a student's field of study. Our
Internships, Work Experience and
Volunteerism projects can last from
four weeks to 12 months, targeted
at students ages 15-35. We can
accommodate cohorts of up to 20
students at a time - larger groups
are divided into seasonal flows.

Our dedicated beneficiary welfare
officers and tutors serve as a liaison
between the intern and the host
company to resolve any problems
that might arise in the work
environment, and all students
receive a certificate and Europass
upon successful completion of the
programme. While most of our
placements are with local organizations
and businesses, we are specialists in
English-language and German-language
placements in international working
environments and the use of technology,
for working in digital environments.
VETPRO programming is directed
toward faculty and staff as professional
development and relationship-building
exercises with colleagues and peers. A
VETPRO project is first and foremost
a journey that enhances skills while
accessing best practices and
innovation to take back to a participant's
country of origin and put into practice.

Projects involving professional or
technical visits are conducted in English
with an interpreter available to translate
from Spanish or Catalan presentations
given by the host company. Groups are
limited to 20 participants.Trade Missions
can be organised for participants from
most countries, regardless of member-
ship in the EU or EEA. Barcelona is a
great destination for innovation, being
named one of the five top cities in the
world prepared for the future and home
to the Smart Cities Expo World Congress
and Mobile World.
Training courses can be delivered in
our co-work location in Barcelona,
online or in a hybrid format - half
online, half in Barcelona, and are
managed by our partners at
Knowledge Building in Action.
Coursework is designed by
instructional design specialists
according to the latest adult learning
theories, and are intended for adult
education trainers and teachers,
researchers, e-facilitators, project
managers and training coaches.
Training courses can be combined
with professional visits for a complete
learning experience. Courses are in
various languages with native speakers,
with most of the courses in English. Our
specialty is creating coursework for
entrepreneurship and mindset training
as per the EntreComp framework while
creating bridges for access to
entrepreneurial ecosystems. Visit our
site at
EYE - The E-Incubator for
Young Entrepreneurs  for more
details on bringing entrepreneurship
education to your region.
Contact us today - let us know how
we can help you make
Barcelona your destination!
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Your experienced partner in Spain, experts in:
mobility programming for students and faculty/staff
Knowledge Alliances and Strategic Partnerships

Global Skills Network is the Erasmus+ Specialist
for Barcelona - come partner with us!
Life-Changing Opportunities
Through Education,
Training And Experience
About Barcelona.....
Barcelona is an excellent destination for people of ages to enjoy.
Situated on the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona as a cosmopolitan
city is full of museums,theatres and cinemas, extensive nightlife,
and a wide range of sport activities. The diverse range of commerce
and industry present in this region of Spain make Barcelona an
excellent place for work, study, rest, play and inter-cultural exchange.

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, an area that is bustling with first
rate tourism and has a long tradition of international commerce.In fact,
this area of Spain was the number one tourist destination for several
years. Being directly on the Mediterranean mitigates against extreme
weather, especially in the winter months. We enjoy weather
unparalleled in the rest of the European continent – it rarely snows
in the city.

Talk about innovation! Catalonia is attracting more R&D investments
than any other area in Spain, is the Mediterranean / Southern Europe’s
hotbed for Innovation, and is recognized as home to technology and
global industries. Barcelona is home to the Mobile World Congress
and the Smart Cities Expo. Shp2B accelerates and invests in startups
that have a social impact. Barcelona Institute for the Habitat supports
economic, social and urban planning. Barcelona Tech City/Pier 01 in
Palau de Mar, Accenture's analystics center, European Institute of
Innovation and Technology InnoLife consortium, Ajec and the
Catalunya Apps Association of digital companies and professionals
\are all headquartered in Barcelona.

There are several mature entrepreneurial ecosystems and innovation
centers in our region and others in close proximity, such as the
public/private partnership Barcelona Net Activa business incubator
and entrepreneurship ecosystem, with several smaller ecosystems
and co-working spaces focused on specialized groups such as
women, disabled, specific sectors of technology, etc., as well
as those in nearby provinces like Valencia, Castellon and Aragon,
and acrossthe Iberian peninsula including Portugal.
With a population of about 5.5 million located throughout the city and
suburbs, Barcelona is stretched out on a plain on the northern corner
of Spain´s Mediterranean coast, referred to as the Costa Dorada. The
city is a blend of modern and medieval, progress and traditionalism,
and typically Mediterranean in cuisine and culture. It is the most
cosmopolitan and economically active city in Spain and on the
Mediterranean Sea. The expansion of the city, which really started
with the demolition of the walls that surrounded Old Town in the
mid-1800s, was just the beginning of urban renewal projects that
would transform Barcelona. The Universal Exhibition of 1888, the
International Exhibition of 1929,and the Olympic Games of 1992
all created new districts and structures, new communications
networks and better services in a metropolitan area that has
become one of the most progressive and commercially sophisticated
in Europe - the epitome of cosmopolitan living!
We look forward to welcoming you to our
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Life-Changing Opportunities
Through Education,
Training And Experience
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Co-funded by Erasmus+,
Educate! contains helpful tips
for making a decision about
a career.  Download it
The E-Incubator for Young Entrepreneurs
Empowering problem-solvers
through entrepreneurial thinking and acting
to drive cross-sectoral innovation
Vist us online at
Erasmus Actions
Lifelong Learning
in-country and
We take care of the details in
designing the most invaluable experience
possible for beneficiaries
when Barcelona becomes their destination.....
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Telecollaboration Specialists
for Virtual Networking and
Crisalus Telecollaborations
EntreComp + Inquiry-Based Learning
Entrepreneurship Eduction & Training
EYE - The E-Incubator
For Young Entrepreneurs
PIC #900388436
We build and maintain partnerships
for cross-border collaborations in
Europe, the European Union/EEA
and Mediterranean regions that
includes the Middle East and
Northern Africa.  When preparing
a joint project proposal, our staff
delves deep in the issues to assure
the proposal addresses a challenge -
the WHY - with activities that can
overcome a constraint - the causes
and effects of a problem - and
highlights the cross-border relevance
of the solution being proposed. We
are a projct's communicators with
native-English speakers for keeping
the partners informed from the
beginning of brining the partners
together for planning through the
proposal preparation and during
the implementation and
dissemination phases.  .
Programme for the
Competitiveness of
Enterprises and SMEs
Crisalus Virtual Exchanges support
sustained, technology-enabled
education programmes and
* * People-To-People
Interactions take place to coalesce
diverse stakeholders around issues
to collaboratively analyze and
address complex challenges that
transcend borders. This constructive
communication often sparks ideas
that lead to collaboration in cross-
border projects and intercultural
* Student-To-Student interactions
take place between classrooms
located in different parts of the
world to facilitate collaboration for
inquiry-based learning through
* Teacher-To-Teacher Interactions
constitute Communities of Practice in
specific subjects and disciplines to
share resources, nurture relationships
and collaborate.   
Inspire fresh thinking
that improve society
Anyone, at any age, at any stage in life
can engage in EntreComp training ​to
become entrepreneurial - that is, acquire
the ability to transform ideas and
opportunities into products and services
​that have value to others. EntreComp
is the European Commission's framework
to support entrepreneurship education
and training. EntreComp can be applied
to starting an entrepreneurial venture
startup. Working environments can
embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship
through EntreComp training in order to
allow a company to create or invent
products and services that complement
core business offering, innovate or utilize
technology more efficiently. Education
systems can infuse EntreComp into any
discipline or subject matter to improve
learning outcomes, bolster knowledge
deepening and help their students acquire
skills that will propel them throughout the
education continuum and into the workforce.  
Retirees can themselves become entre-
preneurs or use their extensive experience,
expertise and background in volunteering
to help others become entrepreneurs.
Learn more about EntreComp education
and training at
*  Mediterranean / Southern Europe's Hotbed for Innovation

*  Recognized as home to technology and global industries

*  Cosmopolitan city with excellent public transportation

*  Host for extensive cultural, entertainment and sports events

*  Best beaches in Spain!

Current Projects
ECOLJOVEM is our annual mobility programming for students from the
Escola de Comercio Lisboa, where they acquire real-world work
experience through internships with companies in Barcelona.This
year's cohorts we graduates in the fields of marketing, IT, hotel
administration, bar/restaurant management, event planning and visual
EYENEET  brings together 13
partners from eight countries in the mediterranean region to combat
youth unemployment and underemployment in the NEET (not in
employment, education or training) population of young people ages

In the Works:
RETTE - Reversing Emigration Trends
Through Entrepreneurship brings
together a cross-sectoral consortium
to address the emigration crisis  
brewing in the Southern, Eastern and
Baltic flanks of the European Union.
Partners are situated as regional hubs
as a knowledge-sharing alliance for
entrepreneurship education and training..
INTERPATHS brings together partners
from Spain, Portugal, Andorra and
France to improve the competitiveness
of SMEs through entrepreneurship, in
particular, we are proposing to
facilitate the economic exploitation of
new ideas that will  foster the creation
of new enterprises, including through
business incubators
One Plan 4 One Planet is Global Philanthropy Strategies'
virtual collaboration and storytelling platform that delves
into the impact of the issues being addressed by the UN
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - how individuals
and entire communities facing the most daunting challenges
to humankind's history can rise above those problems by
co-creating solutions.. We've invited our partners in other
projects to join us in a response to the MacArthur Foundation's
100&Change challenger to offer our entrepreneurship training
models to the world, coalescing people around the SDGs to
create a new culture of collaboration, and put a human face
on the Global Goals - join us - we're recruiting trench warriors
from all walks of life to accelerate the SDGs!
Erasmus Actions
Lifelong Learning
in-country and
Telecollaboration Specialists
for Virtual Networking and
Entrepreneurship for Young People
Entrepreneurship Eduction & Training
EYE - The E-Incubator
For Young Entrepreneurs
EntreComp Entrepreneurship
Education & Training
CBAWE - Community-Building Around
Women Entrepreneurship -
Facilitating networking and sharing good
practices between stakeholders in order
to improve the support effectively
delivered to women entrepreneurs and
to motivate more women to start their
own business and support the
development of their business across
The Building Blocks of Employability -
Utilizes the EntreComp Education and
Training Model for Acquiring Knowledge  
Economy Skills as the foundational basis
to address the challenges associated with
a disconnect with what formal education
teaches to pursue a career and what the
labour market requires in terms of skills
and competences needed in the workforce
while promoting entrepreneurship in all its
dimensions that will contribute toward job
creation in Georgia.
Education & Training
Programme for the
Competitiveness of
Enterprises and SMEs
Sustainable Tourism - Brings
together stakeholders from ten
countries to promote innovation
and sustainability in the tourism
industry. Develops a series of
regional hubs offering EntreComp
training to a target group of 60
micro-, small- and medium-sized
enterprises as well as public bodies
with an interest in sustainable tourism.
Development &
Education and
EntreComp Education & Training offers real-world learning
for enhanced employability, economic development and
- EntreComp framework serves as the foundational basis for
distance learning modules
- Inquiry-based learning complements entrepreneurship
education to identify ideas and opportunities for entrepreneur-
ship in all its dimensions
- Growth Mindset exercises position individuals to become
- A Community of Practice is a virtual knowledge center
linking practitioners and trainers
- Virtual Badges makes competences and qualifications
The model is available anywhere there is broadband Internet
Mitigating Population Decline
Through Entrepreneurship is our
applicant consortium response to the
Urban Lab of Europe -  fifth Call for
Proposals aimed at providing urban
areas through-out Europe with
resources to test new and unproven
solutions to address urban challenges.
Development &
The Building Blocks of Employability -
Utilizes the EntreComp Education and
Training Model for Acquiring Knowledge  
Economy Skills as the foundational basis
to improve labour market access in Kosovo
of disadvantaged groups through social
enterprises and active labour market
We bring together diverse stakeholders  to collaborate in projects that address
complex issues that constitute common challenges to our communities. Our
project partners range from public bodies such as municipalities and Ministries
to micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises, nonprofit organizations to
institutions of both formal and non-formal learning, entrepreneurship ecosystems
to research facilities, idea centers and innovation clusters.

Our specialization is in the management of international projects as consortium
administrators, including proposal writing and budgeting, dissemination and
communication activities and monitoring of project development. We are
deeply committed to effective collaboration of all partners in a project.  

Learn more about Global Skills Network here                Download our PIF here.
"Give them a chance - Youth workers
for equal opportunities of all youth!"
proposes a partnership with
organizations from Croatia, France
and Spain for entrepreneurship
education targeted to young people
and refugees.
"Entrepreneurship for Social
brings together
organizations from Germany,
Bulgaria, Spain and Turkey to
promote entrepreneurship as
a tool for helping marginalized
communities become integrated
in local actions
"Problem-Solving in STEM"
forms a strategic partnership
between Italy and Spain to
implement inquiry-based
learning pedagogy, strategies
and technology toward acquiring
problem-solving skills in STEM
subjects for real-world learning