Global Skills Network is the embodiment of social entrepreneurship - a privately-held
SME embracing practices that strive to promote a more unified global community that
is socially responsible. Our mission is to maximize synergies to address common
challenges through transnational collaboration and our mandate is to collaborate with
other organizations to achieve the best outcomes possible for our targeted audiences
while contributing to the transformation of new ways to relate to people, communities
and the environment in the universal realm.
Life-Changing Opportunities
Through Education,
Training And Experience
PIC #900388436
Our Mission:  
Maximize Synergies To Address
Common Challenges Through
Transnational Collaboration
Life-Changing Opportunities
Through Education,
Training And Experience
PIC #900388436
Life-Changing Opportunities
Through Education,
Training And Experience
PIC #900388436
Each organization member of the Global Skills Network has the flexibility to bring
together stakeholders as applicant consortia to focus on programming that addresses
needs sponsored under various funding schemes such as Erasmus+, Horizon 2020,
EuropeAid, ENIP CBC, EEA/Norway Grants and other multilateral funders. Our project
partners range from public bodies such as municipalities and Ministries to micro-, small-
and medium-sized enterprises, nonprofit organizations; from institutions of both formal
and non-formal learning to entrepreneurship ecosystems,research facilities, idea centers
and innovation clusters.

In addition to our ability to serve as competent partners in a wide range of programming
topics, our specialization is in the management of international projects as consortium
administrators. We begin each project with defining a clear vision on what needs to be
produced in order to meet programming objectives as outlined in the various calls. Then
we begin our search for appropriate partners with the background and capacity to
fulfill the programming requirements. Once the consortium is formed, the proposal
writing begins as a co-created product, where all partners can contribute to the project
being proposed. By pooling together our resources and leveraging each other's expertise
and strengths, resulting applicant consortia are able to achieve the best results in a wide
range of funding opportunity where all associates to the project benefit equally from the
partnership. This process reflects our deep commitment to effective collaboration and
involvement of all partners in a project. Our proven methodology empowers our partners
to make timely decisions based on comprehensive, organized and easily-accessible
project information, thus encouraging "buy-in" through a collaborative approach.
Global Skills Network, SL, is a programme development enterprise that
combines talent, experience and methodologies for effective project
management. Our network includes specialized operations for specific
- EntreComp Entrepreneurship Education & Training delivers a training model
    for teaching individuals how to become entrepreneurial, i.e., acquire the ability
    to transform ideas into products and services of value.

One Plan 4 One Planet presents a roadmap for accelerating the United Nation
    Sustainable Development Goals - the "Global Goals"

Erasmus Actions develops programming in lifelong learning and supports the
  mobility of students and staff/faculty for eduction, training sports and youth
   programmes sponsored        by the European Commission. Barcelona Erasmus+
specialists for internships and VETPRO.

Crisalus Dialogue convenes individuals via telecollaboration - virtual exchanges - to
   coalesce people around issues and complex problems that transcend borders

EYE - The E-Incubator for Young Entrepreneurs presents a training model for
    young people to enhance their employability and/or engage in successful

Knowledge Building in Action supports in-person and online courses to "Train the
   Trainer" in teaching others