The Global Skills Network was created in response to the growing demand for a competent
and dedicated service provider to design learning exchanges and transnational mobility.
Since 2003, we have partnered in lifelong learning programmes by organising,monitoring
and certifying a wide range of projects - from internships and work experience to training,
VETPRO and cross-border collaboration.

We are the premier transnational project management specialists for Erasmus+ and lifelong
learning, headquartered in the Mediterranean's most vibrant city - Barcelona! With our satellite
offices in Granada, we serve as host partners for mobility programming to Spain. We also
offer a range of e-learning courses related to teacher training, entrepreneurship and
European project management. Our strength is in organizing collaborative initiatives.Visit our
partnership page for a review of the range of projects we engage in.
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PIC #900388436
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About Barcelona.....
Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, an area that is bustling with first
rate tourism and has a long tradition of international commerce.In fact,
this area of Spain was the number one tourist destination for several
years. Being directly on the Mediterranean mitigates against extreme
weather, especially in the winter months. We enjoy weather
unparalleled in the rest of the European continent – it rarely snows
in the city.

A major transit hub for travel throughout Europe, Barcelona is served
by three airports - Barcelona El Prat Josep Tarradella International is
located approximately 30 minutes from the city center. Girona to the
north and Reus-Salou to the south are popular destinations for low-
cost airline arrivals. Stretched out on a plain on the northern corner
of Spain´s Mediterranean coast, the city is a blend of modern and
medieval, progress and traditionalism, and typically Mediterranean
in cuisine and culture. The expansion of the city, which really started
with the demolition of the walls that surrounded Old Town was just
the beginning of urban renewal projects that would transform
Barcelona into the most cosmopolitan and economically-vibrant city
in Spain and in Southern Europe on the Mediterranean Sea. The
Universal Exhibition of 1888, the International Exhibition of 1929,
and the Olympic Games of 1992 all created new districts and
structures, new communications networks and better services in
a metropolitan area that has become one of the most progressive
and commercially-sophisticated in Europe - the epitome of
cosmopolitan living!
About Granada....
Granada sits at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Andalucia,
in Southern Spain, about an hour's drive from the Mediterranean Sea
and Spain's Costa Tropical. While Granada proper has a population
of approximately 250,000, the urban area is estimated to be 472,638.
The University of Granada which has an estimated 82,000 students,
has five campuses spread throughout the city, and the area is served
by light rail that crosses Granada and covers the towns of Albolote,
Maracena and Armilla. Granada is served by the Federico García Lorca
Airport, about 15 kms west of the city. It is about 90 minutes
from the Malaga airport.

Granada has a dry Mediterranean climate, with hot summers
averaging 34 °C (93 °F), and often reach over 40 °C (104 °F) in
July and August. Winters are cool and damp, with most of the
rainfall concentrated from November through January. Nearby
is the Sierra Nevada Ski Station, where the FIS Alpine World Ski
Championships 1996 were held.

In addition to the work experience opportunities offered in an urban
area of this size such as IT, media and graphic design, renewable
energies and other innovations, Granada supports an important tourism
industry. Additionally, Granada's climate and topography are perfect
for the cultivation of olives, a staple of the Mediterranean diet.
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