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Our Internships, Work Experience and
Volunteerism projects can last from
four weeks to 12 months, targeted
at students ages 15-35. We can
accommodate cohorts of up to 20
students at a time - larger groups
are divided into seasonal flows.

Our dedicated beneficiary welfare
officers and tutors serve as a liaison
between the intern and the host
company to resolve any problems
that might arise in the work
environment, and all students
receive a certificate and Europass
upon successful completion of the
programme. While most of our
placements are with local organizations
and businesses, we are specialists in
English-language and German-language
placements in international working
environments and the use of technology,
for working in digital environments.
VETPRO programming is directed
toward faculty and staff as professional
development and relationship-building
exercises with colleagues and peers. A
VETPRO project is first and foremost
a journey that enhances skills while
accessing best practices and
innovation to take back to a participant's
country of origin and put into practice.

Projects involving professional or
technical visits are conducted in English
with an interpreter available to translate
from Spanish or Catalan presentations
given by the host company. Groups are
limited to 20 participants.Trade Missions
can be organised for participants from
most countries, regardless of member-
ship in the EU or EEA.

Internships and other work experiences including volunteerism in the nonprofit sector,
support experiential learning, where students can apply the skills they learn in the
classroom in a real-world setting.

VETPRO projects address the needs of faculty and staff to update their skills
in order to guide their students and other beneficiaries in both
formal and informal learning environments

Erasmus Actions is the Erasmus+ specialist for
incoming mobility to Barcelona and Granada.
Come partner with us!
Life-Changing Opportunities
Through Education,
Training And Experience
Barcelona is an excellent destination for people of
ages to enjoy.Situated on the Mediterranean Sea,
Barcelona as a cosmopolitan city is full of museums,
theatres and cinemas, extensive nightlife, and a wide
range of sport activities. The diverse range of commerce
and industry present in this region of Spain make Barcelona
an excellent place for work, study, rest, play and inter-
cultural exchange.

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, an area that is bustling
with first-rate tourism all year and has a long tradition of
international commerce.In fact, this area of Spain has ranked
in the top five European tourist destination for several years.
With a population of about 5.5 million located throughout the
city and suburbs, Barcelona is home to industry, commercial
enterprises,public services and a vibrant nonprofit sector -
offering ample opportunities for work experience in work
environments that are often multilingual and multicultural.
Over the years, we have developed a wide network of hosts
that offer opportunities for Erasmus+ mobility participants to
gain real-world experiences in the workplace that match their
studies. VETPRO participants have a wide selection of
programming that meet their needs for professional develop-
ment and to explore best practice in a wide variety of
commercial and educational settings.

Talk about innovation! Catalonia is attracting more R&D
investments than any other area in Spain, is the Southern
Europe and the Mediterranean, is a hotbed for Innovation,
and is recognized as home to technology and global industries.
Barcelona is home to the Mobile World Congress and the
Smart Cities Expo. Shp2B accelerates and invests in startups
that have a social impact. Barcelona Institute for the Habitat
supports economic, social and urban planning. Tech City/
Pier 01 in Palau de Mar, Accenture's analystics center,
European Institute of Innovation and Technology InnoLife
consortium, Ajec and the Catalunya Apps Association of
digital companies and professionals are all headquartered
in Barcelona. There are several mature entrepreneurial
ecosystems and innovation centers in our region and others
in close proximity, such as the public/private partnership
Barcelona Net Activa entrepreneurship ecosystem and
business incubator, with several smaller ecosystems and
co-working spaces focused on specialized groups such as
women, disabled, specific sectors of technology, etc., as
well as those in nearby provinces like Valencia, Castellon
and Aragon,and across the Iberian peninsulacincluding
Portugal and Andorra as well as the South of France.
We look forward to welcoming you to our hometown Barcelona.....
Co-funded by Erasmus+,
Educate! contains helpful tips
for making a decision about
a career.  Download it
The E-Incubator for Young Entrepreneurs
Empowering problem-solvers
through entrepreneurial thinking and acting
to drive cross-sectoral innovation
Vist us online at
We take care of the details in
designing the most invaluable experience
possible for beneficiaries.
Make Barcelona or Granada your
Erasmus+ destination.....
PIC #900388436
*  Mediterranean / Southern Europe's Hotbed for Innovation

*  Recognized as home to technology and global industries

*  Cosmopolitan city with excellent public transportation

*  Host for extensive cultural, entertainment and sports events

*  Best beaches in Spain!
Our Mission:  
Maximize Synergies
To Address Common Challenges
Through Transnational Collaboration
The Erasmus+ Specialists
KA1 in Barcelona and Granada
KA2 Strategic Partnerships and Knowledge Alliances.
PIC # 900388436
Erasmus Actions role in the Global Skills Network family is primarily focused on promoting European mobility and training
through internships, work experience, professional exchanges and group programmes. Our activities are centered in the
European Educational Training and Development Initiatives such as Erasmus+, formerly LIfelong Learning Programmes
under Leonardo da Vinci (LdV), Grundtvig, Comenius and other educational initiatives.

Throughout our our 17 year history of partnering in lifelong learning,we have forged strong relationships with schools,
businesses, nonprofits and the public sector in order to customize work experience programming that fits a student's field
of study. These same relationships have created opportunities for faculty and staff to engage in mobility programming that
improve skills, learn about innovation and methodologies they can take back to their classroom or working environmen
*  Crossroads of cultures

*  Rich history and fantastic excursions (Sierra Nevada)

*  Improve your Spanish

*  Working with multinationals in a more intimate setting
Our satellite offices in Granada......
Barcelona too intense? Choose the itimacy of Granada,
located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, at the
confluence of four rivers. With half a million people in the
metropolitan area,Granada offers the commerce of a large
city with the enchantment of a small town, sitting at an
average elevation of 738 m (2,421 ft) above sea level.
The area is conveniently located - one hour by car from
the Mediterranean coast and 2.5 hours from Sevilla.

Granada’s metropolitan area consists of about fifty
municipalities, well connected with public transportation.
It has experienced a large population growth with the
arrival of both Spaniards from throughout Spain as well
as immigrants from around the world.

With a strong Arab and Jewish heritage reflected in its
condiments and spices, this region of Andalucia produces
the famed Trevélez ham, with origins in the Sierra Nevada.
Baked sugary treats have an important place in Granada's
gastronomy, as do tapas found in the various bars and
"teterias", traditional tea houses located throughout the

The University of Granada has become internationally
recognized in a range of disciplines, as well as teacher
training and research. It is one of the destinations that
receives more exchange students from the Erasmus+
and the fourth Spanish university in number of students
(82,000). There are 69 compulsory secondary education
centers and five adult education centers in the city.
Primary education is taught in 104 centers, distributed
among private, concerted and public centers.

Security and safety matters are coordinated between the
national police, the Guardia Civil, local police and the City
of Granada carried out by the local Citizen Security Board.

In terms of placements for internships, work experience
and volunteerism, Granada offers a variety of host companies
and organizations, as well as the opportunity to engage in a
study/work programme for college credit.
Or Online!