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Inquiry-Based Learning
and Training Programs
in Teacher Education
Life-Changing Opportunities
Through Education,
Training And Experience
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Our Mission:  
Maximize Synergies
To Address Common Challenges
Through Transnational Collaboration
In-County and Online
Courses for Teachers and Trainers.
Developing professional skills
for both formal and informal
learning environments

Training courses can be delivered in our co-work location in Barcelona,
online or in a hybrid format - half online, half in Barcelona, and are
managed by our team of multidisciplinary educators and instructional
designers at
Knowledge Building in Action.

Coursework is designed by instructional design specialists according
to the latest adult learning theories, and are intended for adult and
vocational education trainers and teachers,researchers, e-facilitators,
project managers and training coaches, as well as instructors and
teachers in primary, secondary and tertiary or higher education.
Training courses can be combined with professional visits for a
complete learning experience. Courses are in various languages
with native speakers,with most of the courses in English. Our
specialty is creating coursework for entrepreneurship and mindset
training as per the EntreComp framework while creating bridges for
access to entrepreneurial ecosystems.
PIC # 900388436
Learning and Teaching Re-Imagined  *   Future Education Today
Knowledge Building blended, inquiry-based learning in Primary, Secondary and Higher Education
In response to a rapidly-changing global economy and the need to prepare students to innovate, prepare for the unexpected and deal with ambiguities.
Innovative teaching and learning like Knowledge Building problem-solving inquiry-based learning focuses on helping students learn “how to learn” instead
of “what to learn” that develop broad competencies across multiple subjects.

When working within collaborative learning environments,members of a small group gathered around a problem, objective or plan are learning with others
by capitalizing on different skills and experiences of their peers coupled with an expanded knowledge base from self-directed learning, to solve problems.
In the process, they become co-learners to achieve their learning objectives around the production and continual improvement of ideas, which are the
currency of the 21st Century Knowledge Age. When dialogue around ideas can be supported in learning environments whose members can share knowledge
that will benefit all reciprocally, individual ideas can be transformed into action from the collective knowledge accumulation of a group. Collaborative Learning
Communities of 21st Century research, business and government support sharing ideas, information and work on common issues and shared  problems to achieve a common goal.

For more information on Knowledge Building and inquiry-based problem-solving learning,
Our Mission:  
Maximize Synergies
To Address Common Challenges
Through Transnational Collaboration